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Your Willow & Plum soap

Your Willow & Plum soap is handmade, using the centuries old 'cold process' method.  We blend together coconut oil, shea butter vitamin E and some other skin loving oils and mix it with lye (also known as sodium hydroxide) to cause a chemical reaction which creates soap.  The sodium hydroxide is not present in the finished product, just lovely nourishing oils. This results in the natural glycerine and other beneficial properties being retained in the soap. We then pour the soap into a mould for around 24 hours and slice it into bars, cure it for up to 6 weeks, then its ready to be boxed and sent to you in recyclable packaging.

We choose our ingredients carefully and strive to use the best quality oils possible.

Regardless of the product you purchase from us, you will always have a soap that contains plenty of..

Coconut oil -  we love using coconut oil in our products as it gives soaps a lovely creamy lather.  It also has a load of other brilliant uses too, such a being a great moisturiser, it loves to take care of age spots, scars and burns and is full of antioxidants that fight signs of aging.


Shea butter - Provides an all natural skin care alternative.  it is strongly believed that out of all the ingredients around today, shea butter soap is the most beneficial.  Some benefits are moisturising without clogging pores,  natural UV protection.  It is used to reduce scars, burns and fights wrinkles.  The skin readily absorbs the shea butter without leaving an oily substance on the skin,  it leaves your skin soft and silky.  With all these advantages it is easy to understand why it is important to use a high percent of this amazing butter despite the cost.


Olive oil - is an a natural moisturiser and does not interfere with natural skin function.  It attracts and holds moisture close to the skin.  Many commercial soaps are basically detergents, a concoction of chemicals put onto the skin, causing many skin problems.  All Willow and Plum soap has a large percentage of olive oil which is gentle, moisturising and cleanses the skin, making it feel nourished.  Our soap also has a lower ph than most commercial soaps making it suitable for dry skin.  


Castor oil - has anti inflammatory properties,  good for relieving muscle pain.  It has anti wrinkle properties as it is a natural emollient and is penetrated into the skin helping stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which can soften and hydrate skin.  Successful studies have proven the use of castor oil for skin infections and other skin problems such as sunburn, abrasions, acne, dry skin, stretch marks.


Vitamin E - is a fat soluble vitamin, although most of its benefits are not yet scientifically proven, it is believed to strengthen the immune system, helps process vitamin K in the body, helps to promote red blood cells and repairs tissue damage.  it also serves as a natural alternative to preservatives which enables Willow and Plum to stay free from non natural preservatives and other free radicals.  Vitamin E is already present from the abundance of coconut oil we use in every batch of soap, but we just throw in a bit extra because we are nice like that.


Our products are suitable for vegans and nothing we use is tested on animals.