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Mystery selection

AKA the wonky soap! Your Willow & Plum soap is 100% handmade and hand cut. It's not factory finished and it’s more ‘rustic’ ahem wonky, but that doesn't matter! Even though we embrace imperfections from the process, we do have standards. The soaps included in the odds & ends mystery selection will contain the oddly cut pieces and ends from cutting soap loaves, bits and bobs of soaps that in one way or another, simply didn’t make the cut.

These soaps are the ones my family and I use daily, however although we all wash regularly, we just can’t get through them, so thought we would share them with you. This isn't pretty soap, its a box of multi purpose cleaner, it cleans most things around the home!


We promise to give you a bargain. Buy to use, not to display.

Disclaimer:  Content and supplies vary. This will be available when the stock permits. An example of the saving – 3 bars weigh approx 400 g and we will ensure a minimum of 400g is inside each mystery selection. This doesn’t include shipping, which will be added at check out to cover the shipping. Discount codes can be used on this already discounted deal.

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