About Us – Willow & Plum Soap Co.

About Us

Willow & Plum Soap Co is a family business, located in a small village surrounded by the green countryside of Fife, Scotland. Fife is the home of ancestral Scottish monarchs, world-famous for its golf and it is also the home of the award winning Willow & Plum Soap Co.

Sensitive skin, caused by years as long haul cabin crew played havoc with my skin. Stunned that I could not find any products that were fully natural, I began my journey in the art of cold process soap making. It all Began in 2012, in my kitchen, using various oils and butters until I struck gold and formulated our amazing soap recipe. Being the Guinea pig, I used only my basic soap and was amazed that within days, I noticed vast improvements to my skin. I no longer had itchy skin and the redness from scratching had also disappeared completely. My friends and family were so impressed, they too wanted a piece of this as well, so I started making more and experimenting with fragrances and botanicals.

After a year or two of progress, some batch failures and a lot of pressure from friends and family, Willow & Plum was born. Enlisting the help of my husband, and advice from Business Gateway Fife, we got to work on an e-commerce website, to share the soap with others and provide a wider reach. Everyone deserves to be comfortable in their skin.

I have always had an interest in herbs and their alternative uses to modern day medicines, therefore I studied herbs and their use in soaps and finally gained a diploma in Herbology. This has allowed me to understand and be more confident in the use of various botanicals in our soaps. Being able to nurture the creative use of healing botanicals in my soaps, has sparked an enriched awareness of the natural world and driven the business further towards ensuring we are constantly considering our awareness of carbon footprint. As Willow & Plum Soap Co grows, we recycle as much as possible from wooden soap moulds to recycled packaging, even using all the surplus soaps and scrapings in our home, we strive to continue to run with close to zero waste.

Our dedication to zero waste has been noticed and we are runners up in the Fife Business awards, best green business category. I have also been awarded an Inspiration award for staying true to my business principles and building this successful business. The award was also then recognised by the Scottish Government Secretary for Finance, Economy and Fair Work. Knowing that Fife Chambers staff have visited me and went through the process of soap making from bare oils to  the final packaging and thereafter presented me this award, makes me so proud of what I am doing and reaffirms that doing the right thing isn't always easy, but it will be recognised.

From making small batches for personal use to making hundreds of bars every month to supply our customers both retail and businesses throughout the UK. we are now a thriving family business with honest, real ingredients at the heart. From Lavender and nettle, to eucalyptus and sea kelp, wherever possible our ingredients have their roots in Fife.

Our ethos is to make the most skin friendly products without harming animals or our planet while doing so. That's why every soap bar we make is free from palm oil, SLS and suitable for a vegan lifestyle.