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Alan Reid

Children’s skin is more delicate, thinner and permeable than adult skin.  Therefore its even more important to limit the synthetic chemicals they come into contact with. We are parents here, who live in the real world and know that its impossible to keep them away from hand washes, wipes and hand gel at nursery and school. However at bath time, there is a natural option.

My child has very sensitive skin, with itchy, dry patches and redness. What do you recommend?

This is a question we receive several times every week, and its becoming more regular, as parents look for a natural way to sooth the discomfort in their children’s skin, just like Granny would have.

I mean, you know this stuff but with any health issue involving your little ones, its best to chat with your health visitor or GP first. There are many triggers which can only be tested by your doctor, such as allergies to dairy, pets or other household detergents.

Quite often, children develop dryness or redness on their hands, elbows and knees, which can be a symptom of eczema, atopic dermatitis or psoriasis. Always best to have it checked out.

However, while following medical advice..

Occasionally, skin flare ups happen, when it seems to be worse than usual. On these days, run a warm bath, not too warm just nice. Using around half a cup of natural oatmeal, pour it into the bath. Allow tiny person to play and chat about Paw patrol for 15-20 minutes and let the oatmeal do its stuff.

Then for the best bit, pat dry and snuggle.

Oatmeal is anti inflammatory, it can help to ease itching and it has a gentle exfoliating property, which removes dead skin cells.

Daily, keep liquid baby wash, fragranced soap, gel, bubblebath and novelty products like squishy foam out of the bath. They may contain a known irritant, SLS which is linked to skin irritations.

These products are the ones which kids want, but tough luck today mate, its all about the natural oatmeal.

Oats in the form of a natural soap bar, are the best of both. Great for everyday use and it can be moisturising and helps soothe itchy and dry skin. Use as a body wash and as a shampoo bar, to ensure no irritating liquid shampoo goes on their delicate skin.

Apply a soothing lotion after a warm bath. When choosing a moisturising lotion, read the ingredients and google anything you don’t recognise on the label. Many irritants could be in there, just because it looks natural, doesn’t mean that it is. Google is your bestie when it comes to de coding ingredients labels.

One more tip

Make it their special bar of soap, cut it in half and place it at the sink for hand washing after using the loo. Willow & Plum soap lasts for ages and is fab to place around the house, cut into bits

Have a look here for your soothing oatmeal soap, developed and handmade in Scotland, by parents of extremely itchy little girls.

We always love to hear your feed back and if you have tried Willow & Plum soothing oatmeal soap, we would love to hear what you think. 

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